Sunday, April 6, 2008

Buyer Beware, Government Enforced!

The state of pharmaceutical liability must have drug executives partying on their 250 foot yachts. The Bush administration argues that once a drug is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, injured patients have few legal rights to sue the company. The circular argument goes like this:

1. An underfunded, overwhelmed FDA reviews drug efficacy studies conducted by the companies wanting to sell those same drugs.

2. They agree on product information, including warning labels.

3. If a patient is injured, the company is protected because the FDA approved the product. This protection occurs even if the drug maker lied on the label.

The clear message to the American public is "take the system we have, just as it is. You have little recourse as a consumer." While 80% say birth control should be covered by health insurance, less than 33% paid for birth control prevention for women. So most of those women injured by Johnson & Johnson's contraceptive patch got their prescription the old fashioned way. They paid for it!

Did I mention the same Bush administration plans to allow drug companies to market off label uses for the drugs, as long as they've been published in a trade journal? Or that 80% of drugs America's drugs or their main ingredients are imported, much of it from China? We know their reputation for quality. Produce it cheaper or die! This unfortuantely extends to the downstream consumer. Chinese management evicted the "drive out fear" model taught by Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the world's leading quality guru.

America's government industrial monstrosity leads us deeper into the New Guilded Age. Hang onto to your bootstraps, it's going to be quite the ride as the Bush administration protects and promotes corporate health!