Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hillary Promises a Double While Carlyle Hosts

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton spoke of the need for military manufacturers to produce domestically for economic and security reasons. Hillary said she would launch a "comprehensive review of our defense industrial base" to determine "where U.S. capabilities are lacking." It would involve doubling the Defense Department's basic and applied research operations.

The private equity boys always love a double, so Mrs. Clinton's remark likely got their attention. That and an affiliate of The Carlyle Group hosted her visit. Hillary spoke at the Allison Transmission plant that makes the drive train for military vehicles. Did Mack McLarty or David Marchick set it up? Mrs. Clinton already has Carlyle joint venture partner Bob Johnson in her corner. May the best franchise win! (Mr. Marchick already donated $2,000 toward the Clinton campaign, but he may need to update his employer information!)