Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bush Dons Chevron Shield for Burmese Junta

While in Thailand, President Bush heard compelling stories from Burmese refugees. Several oppressed citizens shared the stage with America's Commander in Chief.

LWAY AYE NANG: I would like to give our gratitude to the United States for the new sanctions in blocking the --

THE PRESIDENT: Right, right.

LWAY AYE NANG: -- to the United States. And this is really hitting the regime and -- the regime and their associates who have been defiling the country's natural resources for their own benefit and leaving ordinary citizens in extreme poverty.

Of course, the President confessed to Mrs. Lway that the White House and Congress gave Chevron a free pass to continue sending millions of dollars to junta. Didn't he? Nope, dishonest George continued his pattern of obfuscation and corporate worship.