Friday, August 15, 2008

ExxonMobil Sponsors Political Coverage at CBS, CNN, & National Journal

The most profitable corporation in the world has to do something with all that cash. ExxonMobil stepped up as a major sponsor this election season. Exxon is the proud sponsor of CNN's coverage of both the Democratic and Republican Conventions. They're behind the National Journal's reporting on both events. And don't forget, CBS's political news coverage, branded as "On the Road", comes courtesy of ExxonMobil.

What are the implications for coverage, given that ExxonMobil PAC donates 87% to Republicans and 13% to Democrats? They're mobilizing some 100,000 employees and retirees to turn out in groves come November via Citizen Action Teams. It looks like the ExxonMobil message will be loud and clear the next few months. Over $40 billion in annual profits allows one to float their message.