Monday, August 25, 2008

Carlyle's FRSGlobal Expands Bank Risk Management Capabilities

The Carlyle Group read the signs on the wall when it purchased FRSGlobal two years ago. The firm sells risk management and regulatory compliance software to banks. FRSGlobal's profits nearly doubled since then.

The Carlyle affiliate agreed to buy Iris, a small risk management firm, to add risk-assessment capabilities to its business. Funny, I expected to see Frances Townsend's name in the Financial Times piece. She helped Carlyle manage risk after Hurricane Katrina.

Mrs. Townsend omitted affiliate LifeCare's twenty four patient deaths from her White House Lessons Learned report. One might expect someone with an iris to see this glaring omission. Not to worry, Fran's risk management consultation services are available. My guess is they're pricey.