Sunday, April 29, 2012

AlpInvest London Chief Exits Carlyle Prior to IPO

The Carlyle Group acquired AlpInvest in 2011.  It was cited as one "Deal of the Year" by Private Equity International.  When Carlyle announced the deal, Co-founder David Rubenstein stated:

We have the highest regard for (AlpInvest CEO) Volkert (Doeksen) and his investment team.
That team is lighter today, given two reports.  Dow Jones stated::

Europe’s largest private equity investor, AlpInvest Partners, no longer operates a London office and has closed its primary mezzanine investment arm in the first major developments since its spin-out backed by US alternatives firm Carlyle Group.
Financial News reported:

AlpInvest Partners, Europe’s largest private equity investor, now part of US alternatives firm Carlyle Group, has closed its London office, pulled out of primary mezzanine debt and seen the departure of London chief Erik Bosman. 

If Erik's parting had any acrimony, he may wish to call Brintons' founding family.  They have a score to settle with Carlyle and company.

As for AlpInvest, they may wish to update their website:

That's one picture to eliminate and a graphic to adapt, all courtesy of The Carlyle Group pre-IPO.