Friday, April 13, 2012

Forbes Detects 2008 Smell: Is it PEU?

Forbes reported three situations reminiscent of the financial crisis in "Things Starting To Smell Like 2008 All Over Again."

1)  Subprime lending is back, albeit not at 2008 levels.  Loan offers abound for the less than credit worthy

2) A private equity underwriter (PEU) plans to go public.  It was Blackstone in '08.  It's The Carlyle Group in 2012.

3)  Rising oil and gasoline prices. 

Forbes sees another Lehman on the horizon.  Financing long term assets with short term money ends badly on a regular basis.  I'll add a fourth similarity to Forbes' three, the failure of a private equity underwriter.

4)  Arcapita declared bankruptcy, much like Carlyle Capital Corporation did in Spring 2008.

It remains to be seen 2012's similarity to 2008.  Early spring breezes carry a PEU odor.