Monday, April 16, 2012

Carlyle & 21 Investment Banks: Hard Sales Pitch

Would you buy NASDAQ units from these two men? I bet few, if any Carlyle Capital Corporation (CCC) investors line up for The Carlyle Group's latest IPO, not unless burned investors reached a secret out-of-court settlement and have money to burn.

The Roadshow has Carlyle's co-founding DBD's doing hard sales.  The IPO shifted from co-founders' liquefying a portion of their stake to pricing the IPO such that small investors make a little money right off.

Co-founder David Rubenstein and company used a "puffery" defense with SemGroup shareholders livid about losing their investment.  SemGroup, LifeCare Hospitals, Stallion Oilfield Services, Oriental Trading, Hawaiian Telecom, Edscha, IMO Carwash, BlueWave Partners, Verari Systems, Willcom and Church Street Health Management join CCC as untold IPO stories.  Some things are better undiscovered and  not discussed.