Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Carlyle Group's Digital Patriot

Politico reported:

CES on the Hill, produced by the Consumer Electronics Association, hosts members of Congress, Hill staff and media to showcase and demonstrate the top policy issues and challenges affecting the CE industry. CEA holds its annual Digital Patriots dinner at the Newseum, this year honoring Sen. Ron Wyden, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, and Carlyle Group Managing Director David Rubenstein
Thanks to Carlyle's Rubenstein and affiliate ARINC, executives can get e-mail on their private jets.  In the Government-Corporate Monstrosity (Eisenhower's Military-Industrial Complex on trillions in federal steroids), that makes one a Digital Patriot.

Rainmaker Rubenstein is also a great draw for Congressmen and women.

A look at Carlyle employees political donations this election cycle shows plenty of Red and Blue, male and female.  Rest assured, Carlyle can turn political leverage into PEU profits.  How can Carlyle affiliates take advantage of CIPSA?  What role might Booz Allen Hamilton play in a CIPSA rollout?

Update 5-16-12:  President Obama publicly bashed PEU's while privately attending fundraisers at PEU homes. I've long said Red and Blue love PEU's.