Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Amazon's Expansive Profit Plans

Amazon is known for denying workers do certain things like peeing in bottles to stay on the job and meet productivity requirements.  Denying a worker died from heat is a risk management no-brainer but what did the Amazon Smart Thermostat say about temperatures in the warehouse that day?

Amazon wants to take its hard charging human abuse skills and put them to work in your home while taking "care" of your health.

I expect an algorithm that adjusts the temperature in your home just enough to make you sick and have to use their One Medical clinic for a pharmaceutical packaged and delivered by, you guessed it, Amazon.  The I Robot Roomba is in your home to vacuum up any leftover change.

Someone has to fund the next Billionaire Space Penis Rocket.

Update 8-27-22:  Amazon plans to monetize video shot via its RING doorbell via a Ring Nation television series..  

...the show is proof of why “we need to regulate Amazon’s monopoly power. This ecosystem allows them to use all of their different lines of business in ways to only further their market dominance.