Saturday, September 6, 2008

Republican Theme Song: Eye of the Liar

Eye of the Liar
(to the tune of Eye of the Tiger by Survivor)

Ragin' hard, back on K Street
Delivered my lines, teleprompter dances
Rolled the dice with my VP pick
Now I'm hiding her, my need to survive

So many earmarks, they happen too fast
Stealing “change”, my ticket to glory
Lost my grip on dreams of Americans
But I pander, as I deliver them lies

It's the eye of the liar, it's the cream of victory
Risin' up to our major donors’ cries
And the last known survivor gets the big booty
While no media's watchin' the eye of the liar

Two faced, willing to cheat
Livin' high, fat and happy
Diebold stacks the odds 'til we declare victory
We need the White House to start another war


Ragin' hard, pumping my fists
Emotional upchuck, that’s my story
Went the distance, now I'm physically spent
Dress that woman and get her to hide


The eye of the cheater (repeats out)...