Wednesday, September 3, 2008

News Reported on Palin's Rocky Speech Hours Before Its Delivery

As I watched Sarah Palin speak live on CNN, I read an AP report with words she just uttered. The news report was filed two hours and 45 minutes ago. What? How did the media report on a talk yet to be given?

The world has gone flippy floppy. McCain's shuffling the last two years wore through the sole of his Maverick boots. Palin hasn't been a reformer, any more than the NRCC Executive Committee. They picked low hanging fruit and left the more powerful rotten apples in place.

D.C. is a political pit of vipers after eight years of Bush/Cheney. Republicans will do anything to hold onto the White House. That means passing outright false talking points, saying the party line to the camera while panning Palin with the audio still rolling, even putting "lipstick on a pit bull." Bush was a cardboard cowboy, and Palin is a faux reformer.

Lipstick can't cover the gaping holes. The Republican ticket is Rocky's trainer and wife, but the boxer is missing. That doesn't mean the old guy and lady in glasses won't throw a few punches. They will, but they won't be enough to knock out K Street in the form of Apollo Greed. Republicans remain true to their rich donor roots as they continue to promise corporate welfare.