Saturday, September 6, 2008

You May Have Been Sublimed During McCain's Speech

Republican Presidential candidate John McCain horned in on many of Barack Obama's messages in his RNC acceptance speech. He mirrored his call for change and the need to clean up eight years of special interest groups running Washington. His backdrop at the beginning of the speech was Walter Reed Middle School.

The campaign blames the picture on its ad men. And those ad men know about subliminal messaging. How might that've worked?

Walter Reed Middle School is the site where an Obama like, Presidential aspirant announced his candidacy on the show West Wing. Jimmy Smitts plays Matt Santos, a minority running for the Chief Executive. His speech focused on hope in front of the same Walter Reed Middle School.

This election is about narratives. The McCain camp is trying to steal Barack Obama's story, i.e., claim it as their own. John McCain attached the leech Sarah Palin to Obama's neck to bleed him faster. Every time someone asks about her lack of experience, the red talking head replies "it's more than Obama's."

But, the beauty of the school backdrop during John's speech from his special podium? It enabled John to piss on the symbolic Democrat's lawn. How much more slime is coming?

If McCain makes it the White House, count on him behaving like the cartoon Calvin, impish and selfish. It's what George Bush did and McCain is more of the same...