Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lieutenant General Carol Mutter Speaks at Eisenhower's RNC

Republicans have President Dwight D. Eisenhower in their history, yet Sarah Palin highlighted Democrat Harry S. Truman. President Eisenhower warned of the looming military-industrial complex. Under the steroidal Bush administration, the MIC morphed into the government-industrial monstrosity, incorporating health care and public infrastructure.

One of its benefactors took the RNC stage this evening, Lieutenant General Carol Mutter. She serves on the advisory board of Neah Power. Their press release states:

Gen. Mutter has been a consultant for companies including IBM (NYSE: IBM), Raytheon Co. (NYSE: RTN), Revision Eyewear, as well as virtual training and nanotechnology organizations, directly contributing to their relationships with and success in obtaining government contracts.

The McCain/Palin ticket talks about cleaning up Washington. My quick look at General Mutter's background calls this into question. With her time on the stage, Carol sold her ability to influence the Republican Presidential ticket.

General Eisenhower's grand daughter dropped the Republican Party the last two weeks. Susan is now an independent. At least she said so in her appearance on The Colbert Report.

Who do I trust to reform Washington? Not the ex-maverick McCain or the lipstick laden Palin.