Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bush Declares National Character Counts Week

President Bush issued a proclamation on National Character Counts week. It stated:

The strength of our Nation is found in the character of our citizens. During National Character Counts Week, we recommit ourselves to instilling strong values in our youth and encourage all Americans to develop good character.

Like that of super rich Americans, cheating on their taxes? Some 19,000 wealthy Americans stuffed money in offshore UBS Swiss bank accounts, an estimated $20 billion in assets. In August the face of Swiss cheating was released from jail and permitted to return to Geneva.

September saw the financial meltdown, driven by Wall Street greed and leverage. The Bush administration mobilized $3 trillion to help bailout distressed Wall Street firms and unfreeze lending. The jury is out on its success. Today, the U.S. Federal Reserve provided $54 billion to save that same tax cheating UBS.

Apparently, American taxpayers should develop the character to bail out big money boys, and smile doing so. Nevermind our political leaders...