Monday, October 27, 2008

Platinum Days for PEU's

Private equity underwriters can see good times ahead. Co-founder of The Carlyle Group, David Rubenstein said, "The greatest period is probably ahead of us, you will see the industry coming back into the Platinum Age--better than it has ever been."

And how many of Carlyle's deals will be funded with taxpayer, bank bailout money? How much of their new affiliates' revenues come from Uncle Sam, via the citizen's dime? Carlyle plays in the following sectors: defense, telecommunications, intelligence, government consulting, health care, technology, transportation, energy, retail and public infrastructure.

The Government-Industrial Monstrosity (Eisenhowers MIC on steroids) enters a period of hyper-spending on behalf of corporations. Carlyle stands ready to benefit. The opportunities are so vast, they can set up a captive investment bank. Wall Street has none left.