Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hey Phil Gramm, I'm Whining!

American taxpayers are providing Swiss bank giant UBS with $54 billion to buy their junk investments. Earlier this week the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank announced it would provide dollars on an unlimited basis to a consortium of foreign banks.

This is the same UBS that helped 19,000 wealthy Americans avoid taxes in an illegal offshore scheme, one hiding $20 billion in assets. A low level whistle blower and high level turncoat are the only reason, this greed came to light. None of the names have surfaced yet. It's remains to be seen how many of Phil Gramm's friends stiffed Uncle Sam, the same guy buying their toxic holdings for real dollars.

Prescient Phil, how did he know I would whine? Grrrrrrrr.....oundhog day! Every morning the alarm goes off, the stock market drops, and our government gives away hundreds of billions to our financial sector. Seeing Pugnacious Phil as the beneficiary rubs salt in the whining taxpayer wound. If I could only find the slug and apply some sodium chloride.