Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Red Corporacrat Guns for NY House Seat

Chris Cox, President Richard Nixon's grandson, will run for Congress. Cox is an attorney, having advised private equity funds on acquisitions for Weil, Gotschal & Manges. Cox ran John McCain's Presidential campaign in New York.

He is co-founder and managing partner of OC Global Partners, LLC. The NYT described the firm as:

"a financial advisory company that specializes in assisting business transactions in the Middle East and throughout eastern Asia."

The Cox campaign describes OC Global Partners, LLC as:

"a consulting firm where he advises US companies on selling their products in new markets abroad and bringing in capital allowing them to expand their business and grow their workforce in America.

Those sound like two different things. How many American jobs has OC Global created?

The Carlyle Group has a new Middle East fund? Is Chris helping with that effort? Did Senator John McCain help steer Libyan business to OC Global Partners while kicking back at Colonel Qadhafi's ranch? Who else has Cox's back, maybe James A. Baker III with his Middle East legal franchise?

The NYT reported in early 2008:

When asked if he would ever consider running for public office, Mr. Cox sidestepped a bit. “For me, the key is to serve my country and my community in whatever way I can,” he said. “It can’t be about ego. It has to be about using my talents to serve the country in the best way I can.

Cox is ready to serve, but he's not alone. Red Chris is joined by Blue hedge fund lawyer Reshma Saujani as potential Corporacrats in Congress. Reshma worked for giant private equity underwriter (PEU), The Carlyle Group. Bipartisanship might just return. Beware the PEU odor.

(Thanks to Economic Policy Journal)