Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Triple R" Cage Match at Davos

The audience cheered for their favorite financial seer at "Chaos in Davos: Part Deux," a WEF event. World Economic Forum competitors included "Dr. Doom" Nouriel Roubini, "Carlyle founder" David Rubenstein, & IMF "Chief Economist" Rajan. They sought the World's Greatest Financial Seer title.

Rubenstein made the first move. He spoke on the side effect of years of steroid use by the financial system.

“We’ve been through a heart attack but heart attacks are not fatal any more.”
David didn't speak of Carlyle's dead, including Carlyle Capital Corporation, BlueWave Partners, SemGroup, Hawaiian Telecom, Edscha, IMO Carwash, or Stallion Oilfield Services. Currently on life support are a host of Carlye investments, including American Achievement and Willcom.

Rajan triangulated, deftly steering responsibility to politicians.

“I do think we’ve moved from a period of great economic uncertainty to a period of great political uncertainty”.

Roubini was predictably gloomy, until the round card girl walked through in skimpy shorts. He briefly smiled, then returned to his dark place.

“Overall, the outlook for advanced economies is weak,” he said and he expressed concerns that there would be a shortage of demand in the world because “the overspending countries are cutting back on consumption and the over-producing countries cannot rely on the over-consuming countries to spend”.
The three aspirants for the world's greatest financial seer agreed on one thing. They have "little confidence in global policy makers to smooth the path of the world economy and financial regulation as the recovery progresses."

That was before Dr. Doom donned his Magneto hat, twisting the cage tightly around Rubenstein and Rajan. A victorious Roubini raised his fleshy arms before the roaring crowd. He then asked, "where'd that round card girl go?"

It was another successful WEF event. Get your tickets for next years "Chaos in Davos: Part Three."