Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Carlyle Group's Moncler IPO Instructive for Healthcare

The Carlyle Group, a huge private equity underwriter (PEU), purchased Moncler in 2008. It added 30 stores for the skiwear maker. Carlyle looks to add another retail brand to further grow corporate value. The plan culminates in an independent public offering (IPO) "in a year or so."

The Carlyle Group flipped Horizon Lines for a double in a year's time. Uncle Sam greased the skids for Carlyle's huge profits. Expect something similar in healthcare. Even Obama's called out Chrysler "speculators" have their eyes on health care. Where there's huge profit potential, PEU's stand ready.

Update 6-29-13:  Moncler remains a Carlyle affiliate with a planned IPO in the second half of 2013