Wednesday, January 26, 2022

PEU Power Players

Apollo Global co-founder Leon Black reached a new low when he blamed fellow co-founder Josh Harris for Black's series of extremely poor choices which resulted in his resignation from Apollo.   

The greed and leverage boys created a political system that serves their needs at the expense of the common person.  Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin is the latest private equity underwriter (PEU) to enter politics.  Consider one ad that helped PEU Youngkin to victory.  It used his opponent's ties to former President Bill Clinton, an Epstein frequent flyer.  

While pointing out the speck in the other's eye, Glenn's campaign ignored the log in their own. 

Youngkin's opponent invested in The Carlyle Group, Glenn's employer for twenty five years.  For the first time the public had a choice between a PEU co-CEO and a limited partner.  Youngkin could not disparage Carlyle but could go after an LP.

A friend said this about the PEU boys and their antics.

You know something..........they have managed to insulate themselves from forces, laws, all accountability, etc irritates me to no end.

So where can that energy go?   Well, one can write things about Leon Black on a blog:

Don't these guys ever go away?  Watching a blind giant stomp around with his balls out is not pretty.  Poor Leon, it's a shame he's so frustrated.

Also, don't these guys fund lawsuits as an investment?  Black's partner may just have been pursuing more ka-ching.  PEUs will feed on one another.

Virginians get to report teachers who make any student or parent uncomfortable.  In other words, the moneyed class is happy to pit the little people against one another.  If that's all the power you have, you have no power.

Americans don't get to demand that powerful people who break the law be held accountable, criminally or civilly.  We don't have a say in their decades long preferred "carried interest" taxation, saved by David Rubenstein and various Senators.  We have to sit by and watch the greed and leverage boys tap Uncle Sam's and the Old Dominion's wallet to their benefit thanks to sponsored politicians.  

Polticians Red and Blue love PEU.  The PEU boys do not want to share, not one penny and with nobody but themselves.

Update  1-29-23:  Epstein died in a New York jail summer of 2019.  Many believe Epstein was a sextortionist, using images of famous people in compromised positions with his underage harem to garner power, money and influence.  Prince Andrew settled a case out of court with an Epstein victim and now wants to reverse the deal to bolster his reputation.  Does that mean Andrew will have worked both sides of sextortion, victim/perpetrator to perpetrator/victim?

A sextortion attorney said:

"I see hedge fund managers, private equity partners, big law firm attorneys, high-end physicians, especially those with active social media platforms."

Update 3-12-23:  Reuters reported:

JPMorgan Chase & Co has sued Jes Staley, its former private banking head and later Barclays Plc's chief executive, accusing him of entangling it with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, and saying Staley himself had been accused of sexual assault.

 JP Morgan is trying to insulate CEO Jamie Dimon from testifying in an Epstein related lawsuit.

Update 11-26-23:  The World Tribune reported:

Given all that has happened to this country over the past 35-odd years since Michael Milken, Leon Black and Jeffrey Epstein first appeared on the national scene, it is more than appropriate to ask out loud just how much influence this unholy trinity has had and continues to have over America’s political, corporate and cultural elites.
There is no crime amongst elites that cannot be forgiven.