Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Carlyle's MultiPlan Buys WCAS's Viant

Two politically connected private equity underwriters, The Carlyle Group and Welsh, Carson, Anderson, & Stowe, arrived at a deal. Carlyle's MultiPlan will acquire Viant from WCAS. The price was not disclosed. Both firms offer health networks and cost management services to health insurance plans.

Carlyle recently purchased 80% of Groupe Marle, a French orthopedic implant maker. They plan to sell products in North America. Will MultiPlan/Viant's cost management services steer orthopedic surgeons to the Marle product? Will Medicare make Marle's products preferred under the new extra-Congresssional Medicare oversight body?

Carlyle has the connections to deliver. WCAS has ex-Medicare Chief Tom Scully is a General Partner. He delivered a sweet Prescription Plan for big Pharma. How will health care reform drive business to Carlyle's substantial and growing health care portfolio? Stay tuned.