Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Carlyle Group's ARINC Delivers in Egypt

The Cairo Airport opened a state of the art Terminal 3, a massive passenger facility capable of serving 11,000 flyers and 200 flights a day. Critical systems for terminal operation are provided by ARINC, an affiliate of The Carlyle Group. The press release indicates an impressive array of high tech systems:

ARINC has installed the world's first context-aware operational platform at Terminal 3, to control all employee access to critical ramp control and management applications.

ARINC has provided Terminal 3 with Egypt's first custom Biometric Immigration Gate (BIG) system, to streamline border control processing and reduce long security queues.

When qualified passengers use the automated biometric gates, Cairo Airport police can focus more attention on the manual screening of sensitive passengers, a major benefit to frequent travelers and a competitive advantage for airlines.

Did you detect any systems separating the have's from the have not's? I'm sure they're revenue generating.

ARINC delivered in Cairo, Egypt. It's not clear if they ever came through on the Russian helicopters for Iraq.