Monday, August 24, 2009

Col. Gadhafi's Son Admits Corporate Ties to Freed Pan Am 103 Bomber

The TelegraphUK reported:

In a TV broadcast recorded on the plane, he (Saif Gadhafi) sparked a new row between Britain and Libya by claiming that the release of the Pan Am culprit had indeed been linked to lucrative business deals - despite Downing Street's insistence that it was purely a matter for the Scottish government.

"It is to be said for the first time, you were present on the table in all commercial, oil and gas agreements that we supervised in that period," he told Megrahi, as the pair sat together in the private jet's luxury lounge. "You were on the table in all British interests when it came to Libya, and I personally supervised this matter."

Saif Gadhafi knows how to handle Western government/business leaders. His father hired a D.C. lobbying firm to push Libyan interests on Capital Hill. The Carlyle Group hosted a star studded dinner in honor of Saif. James A. Baker, III and Frank Carlucci attended, according to a Libyan newspaper. The younger Gadhafi confirmed my suspicions. Will Senator John McCain tweet on Saif's revelation?