Monday, August 17, 2009

Senator John McCain at Qadhafi Ranch in Libya

The 2008 Republican candidate for President lounged over the weekend at the ranch of Libyan leader Col. Muammar Qadhafi. At least John McCain tweeted such:

Late evening with Col. Qadhafi at his "ranch" in Libya - interesting meeting with an interesting man.
It seems John McCain has a thing for politicians wearing fur. Or, it shows how much the former Libyan strongman has changed. Qadahafi's now a lobbyist hiring capitalist. His family members dine at fancy D.C. clubs, with one soiree sponsored by The Carlyle Group. Libyan newspapers indicated James A. Baker, III and Frank Carlucci attended. The U.S. press remained silent.

The Carlyle Group started a $500 million Middle East/North Africa fund with clear eyes on Libyan investments. Qadhafi also serves as President of the African Union. He wants to develop the economic side of the union, like the European Union or the Gulf Cooperation Council in the Persian Gulf.

Will Senator John McCain expound more than 140 words about his Libyan trip? How about President Obama, will he provide any insights?