Friday, August 21, 2009

CNBC Cheers Tax Havens

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera said on CNBC:

You may think this is about rich tax cheats, but no matter what your income is, your taxes are lower because of tax havens and they help prevent tyranny by corrupt governments.
Michelle is a cheerleader in the race to the lowest global common denominator for worker pay/benefits, taxes and regulation.

Health care reform is part of this race. Employers plan to shift health insurance responsibility to the worker. Just as retirement became primarily self-funded the last two decades, so too will health coverage.

Unions jockey to serve as a huge, health insurance purchaser for workers. They hope to become relevant again. If the choice is between an individual private policy and a union plan (at half the price), maybe workers will have an incentive to join.

Politicians, corporate executives and those perpetuating the myths (like Michelle) are exempted from this drive.