Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bloomberg Omits Key Senators

Bloomberg highlighted for-profit health care's focus on the Senate, as it puts the final touches on overhauling America's health care system. They mentioned several companies intent on saving profits, WellPoint and HCA. The piece failed to mention key Senators, current and past, with direct ties to these firms.

WellPoint-Susan Bayh, wife of Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN)

The Bayh household income comes primarily from Susan's board work. She flipped WellPoint stock options for over $1.5 million the last five years.

While not related to a senator, WellPoint board member William H.T. Bush is brother to President George H.W. Bush and Uncle Bucky to President George W. Bush.

HCA-Senator Bill Frist (a 10% owner)

HCA, along with other hospital companies, entered a deal with the White House and the Senate Finance committee. Reuters did a piece on Tenet Healthcare, a for-profit hospital company. It pulled a Bloomberg, failing to mention board member Jeb Bush. What else did they leave out?