Wednesday, November 25, 2009

White House Visits Involving Health Czar

The Obama administration released information on 1660 White House visitors. Visits involving White House Health Czar Nancy Ann DeParle are below. It is important to note that this is a fraction of Ms. DeParle's actual visitors.

Using the White House Super Bowl Party as an example, only 3 of more than 75 participants were listed. That is 2.5% of attendees. Nancy-Ann's visitors include:

Errol Alden-American Academy of Pediatrics-August 11

Cybele Bjorkland-House Ways & Means Committee Staffer-May 28

Sheila Burke-Director of WellPoint & Chubb-August 27
Ms. Burke's annual compensation for her WellPoint board service is $326,500

Katherine M. Campbell-House Energy & Commerce Committee Staffer-August 7

John J. Castellani-President Business Roundtable-Eight visits to the White House from Feb. 18 to July 23. Only one involved Nancy-Ann DeParle.

Stephen Ciccone-lobbyist for Eastman Kodak-July 23

Richard A. Deem-Senior VP American Medical Association-August 11

Jack C. Ebeler-House Energy & Commerce Committee-May 28. Ebeler is the former President Association of Community Health Plans & Multiplan employee. The Carlyle Group purchased MultiPlan in 2006.

Ted D. Epperly-President American Academy of Family Physicians-August 11

Judith M. Feder-Professor of Public Policy Georgetown University, principal architect of failed Clinton health care plan, had 2 unsuccessful runs for Congress in Virginia-April 9

Jennifer L. Friedman-Chicago area OB/GYN, a D.C. based woman of the same name donated $250 to Judy Feder for Congress-May 28

Maria Ghazal-Director of Public Policy for Business Roundtable-July 23

Tim Gronniger-House Committee on Energy & Commerce Staff-August 7

Robert T. Hall-Personal Injury Attorney in Reston, Va-August 11

Michael M. Hash-Principal at Health Policy Alternatives, a health care lobbying firm-April 21, April 28-29. Mr. Hash gave a presentation on March 8 to the AAGP. Their website details his credentials.

Renee R. Jenkins-Vice President American Academy of Pediatrics-August 11

Therese M. Jornlin-Corporate Wellness-August 29

Purvee P. Kempf-House Energy & Commerce Committee Staffer-August 7

Jeanne M. Lambrew-HHS Office of Health Reform, worked at John Podesta's CAP on health reform, served in HHS for Clinton's failed health reform-Jeanne had 27 visits to the White House between April 28 & August 31. Ten were with Nancy-Ann DeParle.

Jason Levitis-former policy analyst CCBP, member of Obama-Biden Transition Team-Four visits from April 21 to August 14

John C. Lewin-CEO American College of Cardiology-3 visits from March 25 to August 10, one with Nancy-Ann.

Caya B. Lewis-HHS Office of Health Reform-3 visits from July 31 to August 14, two with Ms. Deparle

Virgil A. Milller-House Energy & Commerce Committee staff-August 7

Karen Nelson-Aide to Rep. Henry Waxman-2 visits, May 28 & August 7

Elizabeth J. Noyes-Associate Executive Director American Academy of Pediatrics-August 11

Judith Paltrey-Pediatrician, Harvard School of Medicine-August 11

Antonio Perez-Chairman and CEO Kodak-July 23

Laura Petrou-HHS Chief of Staff (Tom Daschle staffer for 20 years)-6 visits between April 19 & May 18, three visits with Nancy-Ann

William F. Pewen-Congressional Staff for Senator Olympia Snowe-August 31

John D. Podesta-Lobbyist, President Center for American Progress-7 visits between April 13 and August 27, one visit with Ms. DeParle

Andy Schneider-Medicaid Policy LLC, part of Podesta's CAP team for health reform-August 7

Kathleen Sebelius-HHS Chief-3 visits between Feb. 20 and March 13, one with DeParle

Meena Shesamani-HHS Office of Health Reform-3 visits between April 28 & August 15

Rosemarie Sweeney-VP Public Policy American Association of Family Physicians-March 25 & August 11, one with DeParle

Neera Tanden-HHS Office of Health Reform, former John Podesta CAP staffer-4 visits January 28 to August 14, three with Nancy-Ann

David T. Tayloe-President American Academy of Pediatrics-August 11

Nancy E. Taylor-Greenberg Traurig, lobbying firm-Nancy Taylor has numerous health care clients-July 23

John P. Tooker-American College of Physicians (ACP)-Society of Internal Medicine & Director of National Committee for Quality Assurance-August 11

Richard L. Trachtman-Director of Legislative Affairs ACP-August 11

Michele Varnhagan-Congressional Staffer-May 28

Therese Vaughan-Senior Consultant for Charles River Associates-April 21

Brian Webb-One time Blue Cross/Blue Shield lobbyist-Manager Health Policy & Legislation for National Association of Insurance Commissioners-April 21

Chiquita White-Procter & Gamble-May 28

I have several observations. One, numerous Congressional staffers met with Nancy-Ann DeParle. This leads me to believe she had input in the writing of various bills. Two, the list of physician groups is mostly primary care, family practice, internal medicine and pediatrics. I find it hard to believe specialty physician groups weren't stating their case during this time. Three, clearly a number of lobbyists had input. And four, the number of Podesta CAP affiliated visitors stands out.