Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Goldman Sachs' White House Visits

White House visitor records show visits by Goldman Sachs executives and board members.

Lloyd Blankfein-Chairman & CEO-Feb. 4, Feb. 13, March 27

Gary D. Cohn-President & COO- March 3, March 23

James A. Johnson-Board Member & Former member of Obama VP selection team-May 5

John Rogers-Board Secretary-There are numerous visits by a John Rogers with no middle initial, including the Obama Super Bowl party. Two visits by a John W. Rogers-Jan. 21 & Feb. 2
If anyone believes the John F. W. Rogers visits are in error, consider his appointment by President Obama on November 9:

President Obama will also appoint the following individuals to serve on the Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission:

John F. W. Rogers, Member, Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission
John F.W. Rogers is a managing director and member of the Management Committee of Goldman, Sachs & Co., where he serves as the firm’s chief of staff and secretary to the Board of Directors.

Two Goldman Board members attended the State Dinner at the White House:

Rajat Gupta

John Rogers-Board Secretary
I found the White House visitor records remarkably incomplete. Only 3 people signed in for the Superbowl Party, when 75 people attended.