Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rubenstein & Chanos to Reveal Secrets to London Students?

The Alternative Investments Conference is the world's largest student organized conference on private equity and hedge funds. The 2010 session will be held in London. Headline speakers include David Reubenstein (Private equity day) and Jim Chanos (Hedge fund day).

Both men broke major stories related to the financial crisis. Jim Chanos informed the G-8 of the looming financial crisis in April 2007. The audience, which included Gordon Brown and Tim Geithner, offered annoyance and paper shuffling.

The Carlyle Group's David Rubenstein predicted the "Mother of All Stimulus Packages." He did so from Anchorage, Alaska in October 2008. Rubenstein advised attendees to line up for their share of billions in stimulus funding.

What news will Chanos or Rubenstein break in late January 2010? Stay tuned.