Tuesday, November 17, 2009

D.C. 2010

David Rubenstein, cracker of the global financial system foundation, will prognosticate on D.C.'s future under a corporate owned federal government. Will he talk about the giant casino, with rules stacked heavily in the house's favor?

Risk takers like Rubenstein's Carlyle Group doubled down at the poker table in the financial Wild West. The Sheriff, Uncle Sam, winked at a few players, indicating he has their backs. Rubenstein nodded back. What will happen when the dealer draws from the bottom of the deck?

For more on 2010, tune in on December 7. Rubenstein may predict another looming "mother of all stimulus packages" is on Santa's sleigh. That was his October 2008 advice. That and get a lobbyist and line up for your share. It was given close to the North Pole in Seward's Folly.

A different Carlyle co-founder recently commented on D.C.'s prospects:

Carlyle Group co-Founder Ed Mathias. Eric says “there’s no question that Washington is going to come out ahead of the curve.”

“In essence, the government is running a huge portion of the economy…and permeating everything we do…if you don’t have a lobbyist nowadays, you’re extraordinarily vulnerable.”

If lobbyists restore our foundation, America is in a world of hurt. What will it look like by 2012? Part Vegas, part Soweto...