Friday, June 30, 2023

Biden PEU Diligence 2008

Politicians Red and Blue love PEU (private equity underwriters) and increasingly, more are one.  The greed and leverage boys cut their teeth aligning their investment fortunes with political stars.  Such was the case with Paradigm Global Advisors and two Biden family members, Hunter and James.  

An SEC filing showed:

...PGA reorganization was modified effective August 11, 2006, so that PGA is now controlled by R. Hunter Biden, its Chief Executive Officer, and James B. Biden through an entity currently wholly-owned by them. 

A different SEC filing showed Paradigm partnered with Allen Stanford to form Paradigm Stanford Capital Management.  From that entity they offered their Core Alternative Fund in the ash heap of the 2008 financial crisis.  

A November 2008 filing indicates the fund to be both a hedge fund and a private equity underwriter (PEU).


The Justice Department charged Allen Stanford with fraud in February 2009.  The press was assured there was no connection between any Biden and the fraudster.  Except there is....

It's all PEU diligence.  

(The Red Team's sudden titillation would feel more sincere if they'd also exposed insider deals on their side.  PEU Report has been on this case for over a decade.)