Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Carlyle's Acentra Health to Help Government Healthcare

A press release revealed two Carlyle Group healthcare companies, CNSI and Kepro, have merged and have a new name, Acentra Health: 

Our team of technology and business experts, skilled clinicians, and highly talented healthcare professionals work as one to help state and federal partners lead the way in accelerating better health outcomes for priority populations."

When Carlyle bought Kepro from Apax Partners PE Hub reported:

Apax Partners got Kepro from Nancy Ann DeParle's Consonance Capital.  DeParle was President Obama's White House health reformer.  DeParle was a PEU before her "public service" and afterwards.

Bain and Co gave a PEU healthcare update in April.  It stated:

Medicaid services: Medicaid enrollment tends to increase in downturns due to a rise in unemployment; outsourced service providers are also positioned to help state agencies effectively manage their costs and spending. For example, Carlyle expanded on this theme by merging Kepro with CNSI. Investors considering plays in Medicaid services should take note of the impact of potential enrollment redetermination in 2023. 

Carlyle cut its teeth on milking the federal wallet.  That should continue with Acentra Health.  The greed and leverage boys will not make healthcare better or cheaper(ManorCare).  They will get their cut.

Update 9-5-23:  Accentra Health CEO Todd Stottlemyer garnered a spot on Virginia Business 2023 Power List.  Carlyle can do that for their PEUple.  It helps that Governor Glenn Youngkin is a former Carlyle co-CEO and counts on Stottlemyer, who contributed $25,000 to the Youngkin campaign.  It's the PEU way.

Update 1-3-24:  NakedCapitalism did a great piece on the PEU boys bleeding healthcare firms and harming quality care.

Update 1-9-24:  Carlyle's Acentra bought  EAP Consultants, LLC (“Espyr”), a leader in workplace mental health and well-being programs.  Will they be able to undo the harms done to employee mental health by PEU ownership?