Friday, June 16, 2023

Suarez Latest White House PEU Candidate

It's official.  Another private equity underwriter (PEU) officially threw their name in the hat for the White House (Red political team).  Miami Mayor Francis Suarez declared his candidacy earlier this week.  

Suarez is a Senior Operating Partner for DaGrosa Capital Partners.  CNN failed to note his PEU role in their story on his announcement.

Should former Carlyle co-CEO and Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin enter the race we could have the battle of the NDA's (non-disclosure agreements).  Questions could be asked and completely non-answered, a linguistic characteristic of most PEUs.

PEU Francis Suarez is in the race.  How DaGrosa!

Update:  Three news stories in the last week mentioned Suarez' role with DaGrosa.  Bloomberg ran two and the Miami Herald had one.  The Herald called Suarez a private equity executive.

Update 6-17-23:  A Suarez aide wrote a fawning piece about billionaire Ken Griffin.  Insiders serve insiders.

Update 8-16-23:  My wise friend wrote me:

In an interview with NBC News in early July, Suarez said, “I’ve done well, and I’m not going to apologize for doing well.”

“I’ve never used my position inappropriately to have any sort of financial gain.”
He commented:

Suarez exposes himself in those two lines. Number One FU I'm not going to apologize. Number two, I'd say he used it to his maximum benefit IE  like all politicians he used it appropriately for the financial gain meanwhile the cost of living is going up everywhere and placing people in increasingly desperate positions.

The PEU boys earned every bit of their outsized pay.  The common man, not so much.

Update 8-31-23:  Suarez suspended his campaign but his financial filings are revealing.