Sunday, August 19, 2007

Congressman Mike Says You're Responsible for His Acts

West Texas Congressman Mike Conaway said during his recent open house he's frequently asked "what can the government do about people having to choose between their medicines and electicity bill?" The great deflector replied back to his constituent "What are you going to do about it? You're the one who knows who's in need. Local people know best who to help." One question is do they know how to do so? Are they willing to devote their time to such a cause?

What Mike didn't say is he put some 6,000,000 in this position with his vote for Medicare Part D, the prescription drug benefit. Conaway's Republican friends designed a bill that increased out of pocket costs for dual eligibles, the low income elderly and disabled. He even had a report available to him on the negative impact on the group as they shifted from no deductible, no co-pay meds provided under state Medicaid programs.

What do you think Mike Conaway did in preparing for his vote for higher out of pocket prescription costs for low income elderly and the disabled? Do you think he didn't read the analysis? Did he read it and not care? Or did he get joy in knowing that almost two years after starting Medicare Part D, he'd get a shot at transferring that responsibility to citizens with the wave of his hand during a public meeting in San Angelo? I report, you decide.