Monday, August 20, 2007

MC Rove Rants and Raves

The man behind the curtain, Master Rapper Karl Rove ended his long term public silence by going on three Sunday morning political talk shows, just days after announcing his retirement. The political operative, normally seen only at Republican strategy sessions and high dollar donor barbecues, showed up on the TV screen. Does anyone find it odd that the man who won't speak to Congressional committees charged with oversight about his role in government operations, jumped in front of the camera three times yesterday morning? Why go on Fox, NBC and CBS?

It appears the Republican big business fundraising franchise is in jeopardy. The recipient of Rove's ravings was Hillary Clinton, who happens to be raking in the corporate ka-ching to date. He noted her high negativity rating, eclipsed handily by his current boss, George W. Bush. I found his comments on this topic interesting:

It's hard to change opinions once you've been a high-profile person in the public eye

So why does this apply to Democrats and not Republicans. Publicly shunned President Bush is a "great President" according to Rove. Why is the public right and unchangeable regarding Hillary but wrong and malleable about the man who consistently underperformed?

What's more interesting is Rove passed on the chance to comment on Barack Obama, the candidate running on much the same theme as Bush did in 2000, a different kind of leader that can bring people together. Bush shed his "Uniter, not a Divider" persona faster than a used condom once sworn into office.

Karl joined his boss in ignoring basic manners. Rude boy George refused to meet with a grieving mother spending the night in ditches in Crawford. Mannerless Karl saw no reason to apologize to the CIA agent he helped to "out" in a game of political payback.

However, the howler was Karl's blaming obstructionist Democrats for the failure to reform Social Security and pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Karl missed my Republican Congressman's Open House where he called a comprehensive bill "bad legislation". I believe Congressional leaders from both parties were overwhelmed by public feedback opposing both measures. So those of you who contacted your elected leader on these issues are at fault. Karl hates representative democracy! But then again, we already knew that.

I want to know why the man who won't speak about his public service work, a man who avoided the media for years at a time while crafting Machiavellian machinations behind the scenes, deserves any time on the airwaves? Does anyone else have such a concern about Karl's sudden desire to protect the Republican brand? A quick look at Hillary's vs. Mitt's top contributers shows why Karl is worried. There are only two parties and Rove wants his to have it all. "Show me the money!"