Saturday, August 18, 2007

Yet Another Wall Street Bailout While Main Street Suffers

The pot of millionaires running for President divides themselves into those who care about the average American and those who don't, those who swim in the dirty water of campaign cash and those who pinch their nose allowing only the occasional turd of special interest money to brush up against them. If the public finds out the feces "accidentally stuck", they loudly return it. Meanwhile, the government these people lead pursues a different form of welfare in that same polluted mess. It's stench is just as bad, so hold your nose!

Big Wall Street firms are being bailed out by the Federal Reserve Bank and other government central banks. Recall those record investment house profits the last few years? It turns out they've been fueled in part by packaging and selling high risk mortgages into low risk securities. What happened in the process that turned them from high to low risk? Nothing changed. The Wall Street firms essentially lied to their investors.

Lying in big business is not new. Dell Computer just announced it would restate earnings for the last 4 years due to management misrepresentation, otherwise known as cooking the books or fraud. Why? The executives wanted to "achieve" their performance targets and get their rightfully earned incentive compensation. One foreign deal was totally falsified which brings to mind Enron's fake floating power plants.

Of course, Dell leaders blamed lower level people and a few bad apple senior executives. They've "fixed" the problem with "firings" when the cause, an extrinsic motivation system, remains in place. Over 2,000 publicly traded companies cheated on the most pure motivation system, stock option grants. When nearly one third of smart, intelligent business leaders fudge the option date to maximize their pay, something is fundamentally wrong.

The distortions of incentive or bonus pay are spreading through our federal government from the VA system to public education. Documented distortions include Veterans Administration senior executives serving on their own bonus panels, getting bonuses while the backlogs of veterans in need of service ballooned, and over 700 Texas public schools on a suspicion list for cheating to meet their No Child Left Behind targets. The state spends $500 million to analyze data to identify unusual performance changes. With no incentive system, there is no need to spend that half a billion dollars.

Money distorts and big money causes ripples in The Democratixx that only the central bank can fix. Meanwhile, the little guy or gal is needed only to pull a lever every two years. If you've taken out a bad loan and face foreclosure, tough luck! But if a big money investment house securitized your loan, well gosh darn it, they need help. But be sure to vote! Now which millionaire will you pick?