Friday, August 24, 2007

We Have a Leadership Situation!

CNN's The Situation Room poses questions to their viewing audience through their crusty reporter, Jack Cafferty. Today's 7:00 pm question struck a nerve and of course, I had to respond.

Q: How do you know when you have a bad boss?

A: You have a bad boss when you feel like a caged rat, pushing a pellet bar for rewards. Your boss created the experiment, but won't tell you what's going on. And people wonder why the rat can't give good customer service or make a quality product?

A few other replies went through my mind:

A: When your boss is named George W. Bush
A: When your second in charge of the quality of Chinese exports
A: When you no longer have a job as the work you did was contracted to China
A: When you got no raise but your boss cheated by backdating his stock options, landing him record executive compensation
A: When the boss won't answer your question but substitutes the question they wished you'd asked, even using this language in their response.
A: When your boss says they will follow up, but don't. Recall the litany of investigations George Bush planned to do?
A: When your elected representatives claim you're their boss, but instead they suck up to the people who donated to their campaign. Does that make the voter a bad boss?
A: When you boss contracts out everything because he/she is incapable of being anything other than a general contractor.