Friday, August 10, 2007

President Bush Blocks for PEU's Interested in Infrastructure Deals

President Bush put up his dukes when he heard someone propose a tax hike. In Republican land, them's fighting words! This one was a nickel per gallon increase in the gasoline tax to fund bridge repairs. So who is he defending given the long list of suspect spans? Might it be his friends down Pennsylvania Avenue?

Hell, it's those pesky PEU boys! Private equity underwriters salivate over the prospect of buying state lotteries or building toll roads. The most politically connected, D.C.'s Carlyle Group established such a division in 2006. Transportation Chief Mary Peters and her lackey Mr. Gribben have long stated their bias for selling America's assets on the cheap to corporations with personal connections and records of contributions to the Republican party.

So who wants to buy a flattened bridge, rebuild it and charge a hefty toll? It looks like you'll pay one way or the other. Fuel tax or user fee on 70,000 spans, what's your preference?