Saturday, September 22, 2007

Railroad's Coming on Employer Health Care

Retired workers can now feel like military vets of past wars, as their employer reneges on promises of lifetime health care. Just as Republicans and Democrats passed legislation to screw vets, their high dollar donors put their heads together to ream long time workers. This is evidenced by General Motors negotiation to turn over its retiree health care obligations to a United Auto Worker managed trust in a historic deal. Step two is for employers who insure 60% of Americans to dump that responsibility. If you think I'm kidding, just look at Senator Ron Wyden-D and his bipartisan group of ten's proposal to shift the responsibility for health care coverage to the worker. "He thinks he can, he thinks he can, they think they can."

If you're counting on George Bush to step in a stop the train gathering steam, don't. The belligerent Chief Executive just got on television to squash state efforts to cover more kids. On his shift 7 million more Americans lost health insurance. Despite SCIP. more children are uninsured today than in 1994, the beginning of the Republican revolution. Here's a list of who won't stand up for you, employers, the federal government and unions. It looks like time for another revolution...