Saturday, September 8, 2007

State Department "Kicking Ass" on Passports

In typical Bush fashion, the State Department declared "Mission Accomplished" on the passport backlog and celebrated with a round of toasts. A spokesman says it worked through the massive backlog and processing times are "back to normal". The department said it "brought the waiting period for a standard application back to six to eight weeks and three weeks for expedited service."

"We're very pleased that we've been able to get back to the customer service standard that has long been our desire, and pleased that we've been able to do so in accordance with the commitments that we made to the American people and Congress," deputy spokesman Tom Casey said.

Those slower commitments that are now "back to normal" were made by the State Department but three weeks ago. In mid August government officials pushed back the one week standard for expedited applications to three weeks yet left the $60 fast track fee in place. Should anyone be cheering they lowered the standard to "meet the target"?

Welcome to the state of customer service in Bushville, where you don't get what you pay for, and the government brags about it anyway. At least we're not trying to get health care in Iraq where only one third the number of physicians are available to treat patients. However, give the President time to work his magic in that arena.

Experts predict doctor shortages in the U.S. by 2020 and a visiting health care expert recently suggested numerous hospitals would shutter their doors. A friend recently told me the medical personnel at our local Air Force base are not treating soldiers, but escorting terror suspects and enemy combatants around the globe on rendition flights. The world gets odder every day under our "ass kicking" leader.