Saturday, September 15, 2007

Big Oil's New Threat is Oceans!

Big Oil has a new threat to squash, discredit, or buy up and stick in a dark closet to gather dust. A scientist at Penn State University recently demonstrated using salt water as a fuel. A researcher studying cancer accidentally discovered bombarding salt water with radio frequency waves produced a spark. Tinkering turned it into an eternal flame that burns at over 3,000 degrees.

What happens if this new fuel source can be used widely? Salt water doesn't have to be drilled although it does exist underground. It's readily available. Supply seems endless given the Earth's current natural processes. A discovery like this can flip a market on its head. Former leaders become irrelevant as the table is reset.

Big Oil will have none of that. Predictions call for a peak in oil reserves in a few years, then steady declines. With their huge investments in infrastructure, their massive profits and their widespread governmental influence purchasing Big Oil will take serious moves to squash this threat. Will they get their lackeys to enact laws restricting the use of the RF spectrum on salt water? Will they outlaw the mining of hydrogen from H2O? Will they approach the scientist involved and buy up his discovery for a billion dollars so they can stick it on a shelf to gather dust in their vault of secrets? Will he sell? Will a man dedicated to the discovery of knowledge on behalf of humanity be bribed with enough greenbacks to tuck it away for "safe keeping"?

Keep your eye out for burning salt water as hydrogen could soon power your automobile or home heating. Not if Big Oil can help it and definitely not if they don't own it.