Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Buck Still Circles

President Harry Truman would laugh at the hi jinks of President George W. Bush and his flunkies. First, Tony Snow and Alberto Gonzales jam to Jimi Hendrix on a tattered sofa in the smoke filled White House basement. How else would they get "fuzzy" or "hazy" memories? Incidentally, it looked like Alberto badly needed another hit while testifying before Congress.

Now, President Bush emphatically states they planned to keep Saddam's army and intelligence services in operation, but something "happened". The man in charge of the Coalition Provisional Authority insists George approved the dismantling. How did the President respond to someone who failed to execute this critical plan? He pinned a medal on his chest after saying:

Beyond the fashion statement, Jerry will be remembered for his superb work in laying the foundations of a new democracy in the Middle East.

Welcome to the Bush administration where trying to land responsibility is like a dog chasing its tail, except when it stops to lick its balls. Then the authority figures come out to squash it. Otherwise, it's hard to find where the buck stops, unless politicians empty their pockets...