Friday, September 28, 2007

UAW Changes Name to WURA, Worker UR Alone

GM's new contract with the union is a clear sign to the average worker in America. Just as Romulus killed his brother Remus to settle Rome, the auto company raised its hand against its own brothers. GM dumped health care for at least one group in the contract. First it jettisoned responsibility for retirement health care through creating a trust to be managed by the union. Second, it created a class of "temporary worker" to be paid at the full time rate. I don't know about you, but any temporary or contract worker I've come across got no, as in zero benefits. If the contract allows the hiring of no benefit, full wage temporary workers, then another group of employees will be without health coverage.

This clearly is the plan envisioned by Democrats and Republicans. GM is just the first to execute. Both parties compete in sucking up to corporate interests. Unions see this as their chance to be relevant in America again. If they can't get fair employee deals via negotiations, they can at least turn into group purchasers for health insurance. Think of the power they'll have in managing billions of insurance dollars, which will happen to need investing while waiting to pay out. That's where the PEU boys come in, offering grand returns.

You, the average American worker are hosed given the line up of union, corporate, Democratic, and Republican constellations. The night will be very dark...